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EN 1765:2004 type S 15, BS 1435 type S 15. RINA approved n. MAC026119CS.

hardwall hose used for the suction and discharge of petroleum products from tankers and barges, bunkering service and industrial applications; suitable for aromatic content up to 50%. Realized with built-in fittings. Available also with swaged-on fittings.

Not suitable for SubMarine – Offshore Moorings applications.

Temperature: from -20°C (-4°F) to +82°C (+180°F).
Branding: continuous yellow stripe “On Shore Transoil Electrically Continuous EN 1765 S 15 - logo IVG” and marking according to specifications.

Electrical resistance
electrically continuous.


Tube: black, smooth, synthetic rubber, suitable for aromatic content up to 50%.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord, steel helix wire, and antistatic copper wires.
Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber resistant to weathering, oil and sea water.