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PTFE anti-static

PTFE is a non-conductive material therefore high resistivity fluids or gases at high speed may cause electrostatic charges to build up on the inside of the hose. If not properly dissipated, the charge will arc through the tube wall to the braid causing irreversible damage and leakage. The additional layer of PTFE mixed with carbon black prevents this effect, thus dissipating electrical charges to the end fittings. It is suitable for conveyance of gas, steam, hot water and flammable fluids.

Inner layer             : Carbon black
Middle layer            : PTFE
Outer layer             : Fiberglass
Reinforcement        : High tensile stainless steel 1.4301 EN10088-3 (AISI 304)
Temperature range : -55 
ºC - 250 ºC
Range                    : from DN10 to DN75